When you contact us via live chat or phone for support related to your account, our support agent might ask you for your support pin to verify your identity and to provide you service specified for your account. A support pin is a 4-digit number specially generated for your account. You can get the support pin for your account by logging in to the client area. It can be accessed by navigating to “Support” > “Support Pin” from the top or left-hand side drop-down menu. If you hover the mouse over the “Support” menu on the top section or click on the “Support” icon from the left-hand side, you will see that “Support Pin” option.

Support Pin

The support pin is not fixed for an account and it will change after a certain period. So, you will need to provide us with the updated support pin for your account every time for security reasons.

You can also generate a new support pin anytime you want by clicking on the “Generate New Pin” button at the bottom of the Support Pin Section. For security reasons, please do not share the support pin with others unless it is necessary.

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