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WordPress releases updates regularly to fix known bugs and security issues. But sometimes those updates can conflict with your plugins or themes in a way that breaks some functionality or the entire website. In those cases, you might need to downgrade your website until the conflicting plugins/themes have been updated too, to work with the new version. Please keep in mind that downgrading WordPress to a previous version can expose your website to some vulnerabilities. You should try to avoid downgrading if possible. If you must downgrade, then do it as a temporary measure and as soon as the problem is fixed, you need to update WordPress to the latest version.

You can follow the steps below to downgrade your WordPress website to any previous version:

  • Install the “WP Downgrade | Specific Core Version” plugin on your website from ‘wp-admin’ > Plugins > Add New and then Activate the plugin.
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  • You can see your WordPress current version from the Dashboard. If you know what exact version you want to downgrade to, then you can go to the next step, otherwise, you can find the versions list of WordPress core releases from here.
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  • Now, go to the WP Downgrade plugin from “Settings” > “WP Downgrade” and enter the WordPress version that you want to downgrade to.
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  • Click on the “Save Changes” button and then click on the “Up-/Downgrade Core” button from the bottom.
  • On the next page, click on the re-install now button and the plugin will start downgrading your WordPress to your selected version and you will see a success page or welcome page once the process is done.

How to install a WordPress theme?

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That is one of the easiest ways to downgrade WordPress to an earlier version. We do not recommend going back to a much older version as that would be a huge security risk for the website.

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