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WordPress has a huge number of free and many more paid themes that you can use to customize your website and give it a new look. It is very easy to set up a WordPress theme from your Dashboard. Just follow the instructions given below to install your first WordPress theme:

1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.

2. Go to “Appearance” > “Themes” and you will see the currently installed themes there. You can activate those themes and it will be visible on your website. But as we are installing a new theme, let’s click on the “Add New” button from the top.

Themes 1

3. Here, you can browse through the Featured themes, Popular or Latest Themes. You can also search for any specific theme from the search bar or filter themes with “Feature Filter” option. If you see any theme that you may like, you can preview that theme by clicking on the “Preview” button on that theme.

Themes 2

4. If you like what you see on that preview, then you can install that theme by clicking on the “Install” button and “Activate” it.

By installing your theme this way, you are at least safe from downloading malicious codes with your themes, as the themes listed here are checked before they were uploaded. But you still need to secure your WordPress website to prevent future attacks.

Installing Theme from File

If you have purchased or downloaded a free theme from some 3rd party author, you might have received a theme file for that theme. You can upload that theme to WordPress and install it. Beware when using themes from any untrusted sources. The theme can contain malicious code which can do many malicious activities on your website including backdoor for the hackers. So, you should always install a theme from a trusted source. Now, as we understand the risks, in order to install a WordPress theme from file, follow these steps after the 2nd step shown above:

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1. Click on the “Upload Theme” button.

2. Now click on the “Browse” button to browse and open the theme file from your computer. After that, click on the “Install Now” button.

Themes 3

3. Once the theme upload is complete, you can either preview the theme or “Activate” it right-away.

Themes 4

Just like that, you have installed and activated a new theme for your WordPress website. WordPress themes are a very easy and useful way to give your website a completely new look without much effort. As you are on the way to taking your website to the next level, have much fun working on it!

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