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What is Google DNS?

Google DNS is mainly the specific address of a cache server of the search engine Google. Usually, when we visit a site, our computer’s browser and local DNS Server hold the data cache of the visited site. As a result, if we make any changes to our websites, it is not possible to see the changes immediately due to the previous cache held by the server. However, if you clean the cash, you can see the site in a normal way. In this case, we can clear our browser cache immediately, but it takes time to clear the cache that is in our local DNS server. But, you can solve this issue using Google DNS. Google’s default DNS is and

When we search for a website to visit, typing the URL in a browser, and if there is any cache of that website in the browser we can see the website from there. And if the cache of the browser is cleared, then the browser sends a request to a local DNS server and if there is any cache in the local DNS server, we can see the website from there. As a result, any changes to the website are not immediately visible to us. In that case, if we use Google DNS, the request from the browser goes to the Google DNS server instead of the local DNS server. And Google’s cache server is always updated very quickly. In that case, if we make any changes to the website, we can see the changes because of Google DNS.

What is OpenDNS?

OpenDNS is a US-based company that provides Domain Name System (DNS) resolution services. It also protects from phishing attacks, optional content filtering, DNS Lookup, DNS Server, and Cloud Security.
OpenDNS is a DNS server service that provides us with the same functions or services like Google DNS. Usually, the default DNS of OpenDNS is 208.67. 222,222 and 208.67. 220,220

How can we set Google DNS or OpenDNS on our computer?

To set Google DNS or OpenDNS on the computer, you must first go to the control panel. If you can’t find the control panel from the Desktop you can search it on the search box by typing Control Panel

image7 8

After opening the Control Panel click on Network and Internet

image4 1 3

Then click on Network and Sharing Center like the picture given below.

image5 14

Now Click on Change adapter settings

image2 2 1

Then right-click on the network for which you want to configure Google Public DNS or OpenDNS and go to Properties.

image6 12

Then double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4)

image8 5

Then it will come as below. First, mark the Use the following DNS server addresses and write the DNS Addresses.

For Google Public DNS

Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:

For OpenDNS

Preferred DNS server: 208.67. 222,222
Alternate DNS server: 208.67. 220,220

image3 1 5

After use, you have to click OK in the next steps.

So we learned how to set Google Public DNS and OpenDNS. Using these DNS Server Addresses can increase the performance of Internet use as well as protection from various malicious attacks on the Internet.

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