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A user account can get terminated if it has been suspended for more than 28 days. Once the account is terminated, all the data of that user is permanently removed from the server and cannot be restored.

Once an invoice for a hosting package has been overdue, it gets suspended automatically. We call or send emails to our customers after the invoice has been generated and after the service has been suspended multiple times and also give time for them to pay for the service timely. After the service has been suspended for overdue, we provide an additional 28 days for the customer to pay for the service and renew it. After 28 days, the service is permanently terminated, and the data will be completely gone.

After the service has been terminated, you can order a new hosting service with the same domain name and start fresh with your website again.

A service can also be terminated or suspended if the service violates our terms of service or policies. If you have any further questions about your account termination, you can contact us at for specific information about your account.

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