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What is a DNS Record?

DNS record is some kind of instruction for a domain or a website. DNS records decide when a domain will work and what to do. DNS record works as a command for a website. DNS records are used to point to a domain from various hosting as its need. You can easily point a website to different servers as needed using the DNS records.

How to add a DNS Record from cPanel?

If a domain points to a web hosting then you can easily change or modify DNS records from cPanel. On cPanel DNS can be changed anytime from Zone Editor. If you don’t know how to log in to cPanel you can follow this guide to login cPanel: How Do I Log In To My cPanel

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After logging in to cPanel, type zone editor on the search box or scroll down, you will see the Zone Editor option in the DOMAINS section.


After entering Zone Editor, you can add different records by clicking on the relevant record button. Or you can change or add the DNS Record by clicking on the Manage button.


You can see all of your records from here. To add a new record click the Add Record button.

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Add A Record:
Name: Use Valid zone name in Name.
TTL: There is no need to change the TTL option. It has to be kept as it was.
Type: Select A from the drop-down menu.
Record: In the Record option, you need to set the target domain or, if necessary, the IP address
And click on the Save Record to save records.

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If your record is added successfully you can see it on the list. You can add other records using the same processes like CName record, MX Record, etc.

We have learned how to add DNS records using Zone Editor in Cpanel.
Now we will know How to manage DNS records from IT Nut Hosting Client Area?

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