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Registry Lock is a protection service that protects your domain from unwanted changes. The registry lock specifies you are the owner of the domain. It blocks some sensitive changes of a domain like DNS server modification, changing contact information, domain transfer, and deletion of the domain name. The registry lock protects your domain to be the victim of a hijacking.

You will find the registry lock in the domain management from your client area. If you don’t find it, please contact your domain registration company. It is very important for the protection of your domain. So before buying a domain, you have to confirm if the provider provides the registry lock service. IT Nut Hosting provides the registry lock service with all domains. Now I will show you how to enable and disable registry lock from the IT Nut Hosting client area.

First, you have to log in IT Nut Hosting client area. If you don’t know how to log in IT Nut Hosting client area, you can follow this guideline: How to log in to my IT Nut Hosting account?
After login, click the Domains option.

image2 14

Now you will see the list of your domains. Now click on the three-dot button beside the domain name that you want to enable or disable registry lock. Then click the Manage Domain option

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You will be taken to the domain management page. Here you will see the status of your domain. Now click on the Registrar Lock option from the right side of the page.

image1 16

Now you will see the Registrar Lock button. Just click on it to enable or disable the registry lock

image4 10

Now you know how to enable or disable the registry lock. To protect your domain from any unnecessary changes, follow the guideline and enable the registry lock. And if you want to transfer your domain, disable the registry lock following the same process.

Now we will know about the EPP code: What is EPP Code for my Domain?

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