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Many hosting companies offer to buy hosting services at lower prices on different occasions to maintain their dominance in the competitive market. Again, the hosting companies claim to be the best but later you find that their service is relatively much worse. There is always a problem, especially regarding bandwidth, uptime, loading speed, customer support, etc. So to avail of these benefits, don’t be fooled into buying hosting just by looking at the advertisement of attractive and low-priced packages without checking the quality of service of the hosting company.

Let’s get to the point. One of the most popular hosting offers is Black Friday. It brings you a lot of things that you want to buy at an affordable price. IT Nut Hosting also has special discounts on web hosting services which we are going to discuss. But before that, let’s learn a little more about Black Friday.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a special day in the United States. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in America every year on the fourth Thursday of November. The very next day, the fourth Friday in November is Black Friday. According to American tradition, the Christmas holiday season starts this Friday.

History of Black Friday

About 1869. There was a terrible economic downturn in America. The traders thought of a fancy way to alleviate their misery. They decided to one day fix new products, drop the bait of price reduction and make the buyers interested in buying the product. And that’s when Black Friday came into being. Although the word ‘black’ has a positive connotation, Black Friday’s word ‘black’ indicates a positive aspect of the business.

But the name Black Friday comes from a completely different source. In 1966, Philadelphia State Police called the day after Thanksgiving Day Black Friday. On this day, the biggest sale and the most exciting football game of the year were held in America. Due to this game, there were traffic jams all over the city roads. In addition, the Philadelphia police and bus drivers would go crazy to handle the huge crowd of people on the sidewalk. With this day in mind, American retail stores and furniture stores are announcing various discounts and prizes. In addition, various companies have been campaigning in different media on the Black Friday Sale since two to three weeks ago. To run campaigns on TV radio and the daily newspapers, they put colored cell papers in the mailboxes of every home. Competition begins between companies over who is coming to market with what items or who will deliver the product to buyers at a more attractive price. Buyers, as well as sellers, are excited.

Two or three weeks before the day comes, buyers start thinking about which items they will buy. On this day, there is usually a lot of excitement among the buyers ahead of Black Friday. Sometimes shoppers stand in line from the night before. Because of this, sometimes unintended events happen. For example, in 2007, a tragic incident took place in New York. People lined up at 9 am the night before to enter Walmart on Black Friday’s sale. As soon as the door opened at 5 am, people rushed into the shop like floodwater. A 32-year-old man fell to the ground and died on the spot.

Black Friday is not a public holiday. But, in California and some states in the United States, Thanksgiving Day was considered the next day a holiday for state government employees. Since 2005 it has been gradually considered one of the busiest shopping days in the United States and the United Kingdom.

IT Nut Black Friday Offer

black friday hosting offer 2021

.com Domain – 699 tk

Get Offer:

IT Nut Hosting Domain Offer

Domains are needed to build a freelancing portfolio, online business, business promotion, blogging, and your own identity. Many even buy domains to sell domains at several times the price in the future. IT Nut Hosting is the most trusted local platform for domain purchase. We have been providing domain hosting services in the country and abroad since 2014. In addition, if you want to buy a domain at a fair price, you must take it from IT Nut Hosting. On the occasion of Black Friday, you will get .com Domain for only BDT 699. You will get a full control panel of the Domain, and you can also transfer for free if you want.

Web Hosting Offer for Black Friday

You know a lot about Black Friday. Now find out what IT Nut Hosting is offering you. Different web hosting companies are offering different types of discounts on the occasion of Black Friday. If you want to buy a hosting package with the best features, you must try our offer to get up to 70% discount on BDIX hosting, web hosting, premium hosting, and managed VPS hosting.

Not just dazzling offers, what else do you need to see when you are taking service? Review some features, but all the best features exist in IT Nut Hosting services.

  • Light Speed ​​Server is a powerful personal proprietary software. It ensures the security of your website and reduces our time, and makes it easy to use. So it can handle more visitors with Litespeed than a normal Apache server. IT Nut Hosting provides the best service possible with Litespeed ​​Server.
  • cPanel is currently the most popular and simple hosting management system. It is so user-friendly that you will understand a lot of functionality even if it is not complete at a glance. 
  • 24/7 support is required because no one knows when you will encounter a technical problem. At that time, you will not be able to solve your problem if you do not get support from your hosting provider or if their support center is not running. As a result, your site may be down. As a first-class hosting company in Bangladesh, we guarantee to provide really 24 hours support to our customers, which others do not provide.
  • Uptime is a very important issue for any site and an ideal hosting company never hides its server uptime. Rather, they make a live uptime portal for the convenience of the users. The longer your hosting uptime, the longer your site will be live. IT Nut Hosting guarantees you the best uptime.
  • NVME SSD is a very familiar term for hosting users. It is currently the fastest storage technology we provide as a very important package feature to provide maximum performance.
  • SSL encrypts a lot of confidential information so that even if your site is hacked for any reason, your information will be completely secure. Our hosting packages include a free SSL certificate that protects your information.

5 GB Hosting Price in Bangladesh – IT Nut Hosting

Many hosting companies offer different types of offers on the occasion of Black Friday. Still, the IT Nut Hosting service is at the top in all offers, support, price, and reliability. Besides providing good service, our 24 hours, active customer support has achieved the most customer satisfaction. So if you want to buy affordable domain hosting using Black Friday 2021, don’t delay.

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