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How to Recover WordPress Password? step by step

Reset using “Lost Your Password?” option

If you have forgotten your WordPress password, you can easily reset it using the password reset option provided by WordPress.

  • Go to your WordPress login page by either /wp-admin/ or /wp-login.php
  • You will see the WordPress login page. From that page, click on “Lost your password?” link from the bottom.
rcover wordpress password 5
  • On the next page, enter your WordPress username or email address and then click on the “Get New Password” button.
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  • A password reset link will be sent to your account email address. Open that email and click on that link. You will now be taken to a password reset page. Enter a strong new password on the password field, then click on the “Reset Password” button. The password should contain both uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, and symbols to be a strong password.

Great! Your account password is now set to the new password that you have just provided! Log in to WordPress as usual with your new password.

How To Replace WordPress Core File?

Or Reset the Password from phpMyAdmin

If you forget the email and password for your administrator user on WordPress, you can manually change the password if you have cPanel access for that website. This method is very helpful when you do not have access to the account email address or you have forgotten the email address too. To reset a WordPress user password from the cPanel, please follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your cPanel account

2. From the Databases section on the cPanel, click on phpMyAdmin

rcover wordpress password 1

3. On the phpMyAdmin, you will see the available databases of your account. Click on the appropriate database.

4. Go to the _users table under that database the part before the underscore will be your table prefix.

5. You will see the users of that WordPress website. Click on the “Edit” link beside the user that you want to modify.

rcover wordpress password 2

6. From the new page, enter the password on the value field of the “password” section.

7. From the Function tab, click on the dropdown menu and select “MD5” from the list.

8. Then click on the “Go” button on the bottom.

rcover wordpress password 3

Your WordPress password will be set as you have chosen.

If you face any issue during the password reset process, feel free to let us know the details of your issue via support ticket and we will help you as best we can.

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