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There might be several reasons why you might be unable to login to cPanel. Issues such as incorrect login credentials, server maintenance, or network connectivity problems can affect your access

Some reasons for unable to login to cPanel

IP Block

If your IP is blocked on our server for several failed login, then you will not be able to visit the cPanel page and see an error message while trying to visit the cPanel or your own website. Keep in mind that even if your IP is blocked on our server, your website is fully functional, and you can access your website and cPanel from a different IP or network. You can request unblock of your IP address from the client area or just send us an email to [email protected] with your IP address so that we can unblock it.

Incorrect Login

Make sure that you are using the correct cPanel login details if you see the message the login is invalid then there might be some wrong in your login details. Check to see if your Caps lock button is on. If too many failed login attempts are made, you will be locked out of the system for 60 minutes. If you try to login during the 10 minute lockout period, the lockout will be extended. Also, keep in mind that, cPanel login username and password is different than your IT Nut Hosting Client area login email and password. If you have any confusion regarding this, feel free to contact us anytime.

DNS Propagation

If you are transferring your site from another provider to us, when you try to visit cPanel via your domain, you might still be taken to your previous hosting provider’s server. DNS propagation usually takes up to 24 hours to be propagated. Please wait at that time if your website is recently transferred.

Cloudflare Issues

cPanel login issues can also be caused by using Cloudflare or other similar services. As Cloudflare serves the webpages from their IP address as a CDN, it could create conflict because of cPanel’s cookie IP validation. cPanel looks for caching from the original IP of the end-user. When Cloudflare proxy uses their different IP addresses to communicate with cPanel, it creates conflict. To resolve this, you can disable Cloudflare proxy for the cPanel login URL. You could also try disabling Cloudflare completely to check if that works.

By going through those checkpoints, common problems regarding cPanel login should be resolved. If you are still unable to log in to your cPanel account, please let us know by opening a support ticket or send an email to [email protected] we would be happy to help.

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