If your website and cPanel are not loading from a computer or network but is loading from other network/IP, then it could mean that your IP address has been automatically blocked on our server for multiple invalid logins or other suspicious activities. You can easily request an IP unblock from the client area. To do that:

  • First, log in to the client area.
  • From the left-hand sidebar, click on the IP Unblock link that contains a fire extinguisher icon.
  • Enter your IP address on the box and click on the “Check for IP Block and Remove” button. The system will search for your IP address on our blocklist and if it is there, it will unblock it for you.

If you can not log in to the client area due to the IP block, you can try it from another network where your IP address will be different, or you can use a VPN to log in. You can also send your IP address directly to our support by sending us an email at support@itnuthosting.com with your problem details and necessary screenshots.

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