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Details on Managed and Unmanaged VPS

We are offering you the best prices for the VPS servers on IT Nut Hosting. You can order the VPS servers from us and manage them for yourself. It is called an Unmanaged server and it is mostly suitable for developers or server administrators that have the necessary knowledge to manage the servers themselves. Although we have many helpful resources for server administrators, if you do not have experience managing the servers, we recommend getting help from a server administrator. You can also let us manage the server administration for you with just a little fee so that you can spend time on your business rather than on the server. The VPS servers’ prices are shown without the management fees so that you can manage the servers by yourself or your server admin if needed. Otherwise, you can check our managed servers

What is the difference between Managed and Unmanaged VPS?

If you take our VPS management service, our server administrators will help you maintain your VPS server and help you with the installation and setup of the server. We will also help you with website transfer if needed for your service. But if you want to run your own Shared Hosting on our VPS server and want us to manage it, then just contact us for a quotation for the Shared Hosting Management service.

এই কনটেন্ট বাংলায় পড়ুন: Managed এবং Unmanaged ভিপিএসের মধ্যে পার্থক্য কী?