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Depending on your requirement and budget, you should go for either shared hosting or VPS server for your small or medium sized website. Here is why you should go for a Shared or VPS server.

Shared Hosting: If you are just starting up your business or personal website and do not require many resources, then you can go with a shared hosting solution. Shared hosting is ideal for a website with a very low number of visitors. There are multiple packages available for shared hosting so you can upgrade your package to facilitate growing visitors. But as your site grows, there will come a time when you will need to upgrade to VPS hosting. On a shared hosting server, as there are many users sharing the same resources, if one account gets compromised, the effect might escalate to other users too. There is not much isolation between the users. High resource usage from one user can also cause service degradation for other users.

VPS Hosting: VPS hosting is needed for a growing website where you have many daily visitors to your website, and you need a reliable and secured service. VPS hosting provides all the benefits of a Dedicated server, so you get complete data privacy, isolation from other servers, dedicated resources, increased security of the server and much more. VPS servers give you the resources that you have paid for. If one server on the host gets compromised, it does not affect any other server’s security. You also get full control of the server so you can customize the server according to your needs.

As mentioned above, the VPS server would be suitable for a small or medium-sized business where you have some regular visitors and do not want to spend money on a dedicated server yet. If you have any more questions about our shared or VPS hosting service, feel free to let us know via live chat or a support ticket.

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